35,310 Clones

No I’m not talking about London’s Gay Pride (5th July), but the Clone Troopers from Star Wars. Specifically Lego Star Wars Clone Troopers. A group of Lego UK employees built the Clone Trooper army in just six and a half hours to raise money for The National Autistic Society. The National Autistic Society is a British organization dedicated to helping “people with autism and Asperger syndrome live their lives with as much independence as possible.”

Clone Troopers


And in what why should these Clone Troopers come equipped? Try the Adult Lego real Lego Guns!

LEGO for ADULTS is the first construction manual exclusively for weapons made from LEGO® elements.

The THRILLER AUTOMATIC and the THRILLER COMPACT are slide action crossbow pistols with highly engineered cocking & chambering mechanism.

Martin Hüdepohl, a German designer and the man who built these, has a video of the gun in action.


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