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Our favourite hot sci-fi hunks.

Adrien Brody [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

He may be all muck and blood in this photo, but damn, Adrien Brody is looking buff! He had an uncredited role in Natural Born Killers and has starred in The Village, King Kong and the soon to be released Splice. In Predators he plays a mercenary named Royce who is part of a band of warriors pitted against alien hunters. Brody put on 25 pounds of muscle to prepare himself for the role and boy does he look fit.

Predators is out now.

Jason Momoa as Conan [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

Jason Momoa first caught our eye when he starred in the Stargate SGU spin off Atlantis. At an imposing 6’4″ this model turned actor played the role of Ronon Dex for 5 seasons and giving us gay sci-fi nerds much need man candy (though if any one can send in a picture of a shirtless David Hewlett, I would be a very happy gay nerd).

Momoa has been cast as Khal Drogo in the HBO adaption of Game of Thrones and also recently been cast as the title character in Conan the Barbarian. The photo below is our first look at Jason Momao as Conan the Barbarian’s title character.

Jason Momoa was cast as Conan towards the end of January and along side him is Ron Perlman who will play Conan’s father, Stephen Lang  will be the villain Khalar Singh, and Rose McGowan who plays a “half-human/half-witch”. 

Today Jason Momoa is cast as our latest hot sci-fi hunk.

Alexander Skarsgard [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

True Blood’s vampire Eric, Alexander Skarsgard, who is currently shooting the third season of the hit TV show says, “There’s a lot of nudity. As far as Eric goes, there’s going to be a lot violence and a lot of sex — with women and men! So it should be interesting.”

Interesting, I’ll say. Looks like season three will be featuring quite a bit of man on man loving if the rumours are true… but for now, this fine 6’4″ Stockholm born stud is one of our hot sci-fi hunks.

Jared Padalecki [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

Dagnabit! Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester in Supernatural is getting hitched! And what with Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester getting engaged in 2009, there goes my “getting it on with Winchester brothers” fantasy.

For those who care Padalecki is now engaged to marry Supernatural costar Genevieve Cortese, who appeared on the fourth season as the second embodiment of evil demon Ruby.

The real Dr Manhattan [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

You might not recognise this week’s hot sci-fi hunk Greg Plitt. If you picture him running around all naked and glowing blue, you might realise that Greg was in fact the body double for Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan, played by Billy Crudup. Watchmen VFX supervisor John (DJ) DesJardin urged Zack Snyder to cast a body on which animators could base Manhattan’s ultra-ripped physique. Snyder chose fitness model and actor Greg Plitt; the VFX crew took digitized Plitt in 3D and took high-definition video of the model against a grid with muscles relaxed, flexed and tensed. The crew then 3D-digitized Crudup’s head and “frankensteined Billy’s head onto Greg’s body,” Pete Travers, the visual-effects supervisor at Sony Imageworks explained.

He also played a hybrid male in Terminator Salvation, but enough of all the technobabble. Here’s Greg Plitt in all his natural glory.

greg plitt boots

Greg Plitt underwear

Greg Plitt underwear 2