Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episodes I and II DVD boxset

Star Wars. Seven billion-trillion fans. The most revered franchise in movie history. The pinnacle of cinema. Robot Chicken. A TV show where toys crash into each other. Sometimes good for a drunken chuckle.

We’ve already shamelessly plugged Robot Chicken: Star Wars and Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II on DVD when we reviewed them 2008 and 2009, so it stands to reason that we’d be promoting HMV’s release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episodes I and II Limited Double DVD Collector’s Edition on October 25th.

According to Drew’s humble opinion, cartoons are crap! The prospect of watching cartoons leaves him stone cold. However, Drew loves a cute red head and with Seth Green being one of the creators and voicing many of the characters, it had him interested. I however love Star Wars (the original trilogy) and animation (and yes, cute red heads) so this was always going to be my kind of thing.

Robot Chicken’s Star Wars first episode was a really funny piss take of George Lucas’ Star Wars movies. Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II, escalates the animated franchise in to a league of its own. Make no mistake, the animation team and the voice actors are putting out cartoons that make you snigger, make you smile and make you laugh out loud. The skits are genuinely funny, have pace and fuck with your funny bone!

The most notable skits include Darth Vader’s collect call to the Emperor informing him of the destruction of the first Death Star; A Day in the life of Ponda Baba as we find out what exactly he was saying to Luke Skywalker in the Cantina before Obi-Wan Kenobi slices his arm off with a lightsaber; Orientation day, as a bunch of new Death Star recruits are told how to react when Darth Vader “uses the Force” death grip on them; and George Dubya Bush as a Jedi.

Watch as Boba Fett tries to impress a frozen Han Solo with his bounty hunter skills saying “you like that don’t you”. Fett then proceeds to lust over Han Solo, stroking him before reaching up and holding Han’s hand (Editor’s note: I told you that Boba Fett was gay here, which explains why the Clone Troopers are behaving in this manner).

As a casual fan of Star Wars I genuinely loved the Robot Chicken parallel universe. The more you know about the original Lucas movies, the more you will enjoy Robot Chicken as it is layered enough to keep fan geeks smirking at each other as the skits parade by.

George Lucas, La Georgina himself provides his own voice, thus giving Robot Chicken: Star Wars his seal of approval. And we Gay Sci-Fi Nerds give our approval too!

We’ve got 2 copies of the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episodes I and II DVD boxset up for grabs thanks to Strike Media. To win, answer the following question:


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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episodes I and II. Like the twisted dream of a feverish nerd who’s taken too much cold medicine. That’s right, the stop-motion pyjama party from ADULT SWIM collides with the most revered fantasy film franchise – with all the subtlety of a diarrhea-suffering Wookie pounding on your bathroom door. If there’s a bright centre to the entertainment universe, this double-DVD collection is probably the farthest thing from it.

This boxset is loaded with over 4 hours of special features, including: Chicken Nuggets, Animation Meeting, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Trailers, Alternate Audio, Production Design, Time Lapse, Photo Gallery, Video Blog, Panel Presentations, Episode Commentary.

As usual, a cast of celebrities lend their voices to the animated antics–including Hulk Hogan, Conan O’Brien, and James Van Der Beek–with even George Lucas getting in on the action for his flannel-clad counterpart.

The DVD features Star Wars veterans Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) and Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) as well as Seth MacFarlane, Breckin Meyer and Seth Green as once again the Robot Chicken crew take a twisted look at all six Star Wars films and intergalactic hilarity ensues!

This Limited Edition set including exclusive artcards is available on DVD October 25th, at £9.99 RRP exclusively from HMV. Pre-order it now!

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