Doctor Who returns tonight

Doctor Who returns to our screens tonight with The Impossible Astronaut. The first episode of series 6 opens with a two part episode in which The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in Utah during the 1960s. The adventure also marks the return of the brilliant River Song. The Impossible Astronaut will feature the Silence, the force responsible for causing the TARDIS to explode in ‘The Pandorica Opens’.

Steven Moffat in Doctor Who Confidential said that two of the big story mysteries will be resolved in series 6. “What is that, who is that, who are the silence, what’s coming?” teased Moffat. “The whole point of the silence is next series. Also, River Song … who is she really? That’s what we’re going to find out next year,” he said.

Of course, tonight’s Doctor Who return is bittersweet following the death of actress Elisabeth Sladen, The Doctor’s Sarah Jane, who passed away earlier this week. The BBC will be broadcasting a special programme called My Sarah Jane: A Tribute To Elisabeth Sladen following the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who on Saturday at 6.45pm.

Doctor Who Magazine have also reported that there will be a dedication to Elisabeth Sladen at the start of Saturday’s episode, while BBC America has also stated that it will be commemorating the actress during its broadcast of the episode later the same day.

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