Early peek at sci-fi thriller Modified

We’ve got an early peek at Modified with these exclusive stills (below). Directed by Paul Cotrulia, Modified is a sci-fi thriller that has just finished shooting in London and is set in the underground world of tech based body modification.
Not only is Modified based in our home country, it also features leading characters who are gay. This is one film we’re definitely keeping our eyes on.

Modified is directed by Paul Cotrulia and stars John Sandeman, Robert Dawson, Cory Sanders, Lia Albers, Megan Anstee and Gabriel Constantin. Expected release date is Spring 2012.

For more information on Modified check out www.eventfilms.co.uk, www.facebook.com/eventfilms and follow the film’s director Paul Cotrulia on Twitter at www.twitter.com/paulcotrulia

Official press release:

London has been MODIFIED

Event Films’ science fiction thriller Modified has wrapped production in London, Paul Cotrulia, Creative Director has announced.

  • Modified has wrapped production successfully.
  • Post Production will continue for the next six months.
  • The film will be released in the United Kingdom this spring.

Victoria, London has just doubled as a dark and dangerous future world in Event Films’ Director Paul Cotrulia’s highly stylised and ambitious science fiction thriller Modified. The Pacha London venue in Victoria, London was transformed into an illegal underground nightclub for cyber criminals and vengeful murderers for six shooting days.

Modified boasts an international cast of actors including John Sandeman, Robert Dawson, Cory Sanders, Lia Albers, Megan Anstee and Gabriel Constantin as cyberpunk antiheroes in a high-tech world of easy sex and death.

West (John Sandeman) finds himself caught in a battle for control of the Modification scene in an underground world of invasive medical procedures and illegal body modification with technology, he will risk everything. His world will be torn apart.

Modified is both a practical special effects and digital visual effects heavy feature film and Post Production is expected to last for six months.

Event Films are handling domestic distribution and will be announcing a spring 2012 release date shortly.

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