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It’s only the best British TV show on the box and Gay Times Magazine have got it covered in their new issue – a world exclusive with the cast of Being Human!

GT caught up with stars of the massive BBC drama Being Human, to chat about getting naked on screen, standing out in a saturated genre, and how Russell Tovey feels about being an out gay actor.

GT Being Human cover

Russell on the roles he would like to play in the future

“I wanna play a really good rent boy… I think it’ll be great, this really, kinda screwed up but nice tart with a heart but a rent boy equivalent. That’s kind of what I’d really like to do.”

Russell on being an out gay actor

“I’m lucky, really, really lucky. I think because it just isn’t an issue to me. Everybody knows and hopefully people will judge me on my work. I don’t know what it would be like if I wanted to go and do things in the States. I think out there it seems to be a lot more closeted. Like you don’t talk about it and if you are out then all you’re going to play is Rupert Everett roles.”

Lenora on recent success of all things supernatural

“It does feel like the market is quite saturated with this genre at the moment. But, I must say, Being Human to me still stands out because it’s got the aspect of three heroes all playing against their supernatural. They’re all trying to be human, so it kicks against the genre and keeps the show real.”

Aidan on his naked scenes in the new series

“I had a scene last week where I’m completely covered in blood and naked. There’s got to be one scene, it’s in our contracts. Tovey’s always getting his kit off.”

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