Harry Potter – Through the Pensieve

Genrocks has put together a wonderful video montage of the Harry Potter films. Through the Pensieve is a four minute retrospective featuring all eight films with music by dredg and John Williams.

Genrock describes the project below:

Over the years, the Harry Potter series has had a very special place in my heart. With the final film coming out in 50 days, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the journey we’ve taken with the film versions of JK Rowling’s unforgettable characters. A retrospective spanning all eight films, this tells the story of the bravery of children, the folly of the powerful, and the overriding force of love.

The Harry Potter movies have certainly touched many people of differing ages. Some lucky enough to follow Harry, Hermione and Ron as children and grow up with them. Others like me, just a big kid at heart and wanting the world to be filled with magic – wow am I feeling sentimental… And that is the beauty of Genrocks trip Through the Pensieve.

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