Naked Nathan Fillion [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

It’s Nathan Fillion’s birthday today and what better way to celebrate than posting this delectable shot of his butt as Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly.

Nathan Fillion

Beats Empire Magazine‘s tribute!

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the nerd out of the GSFN partnership. Skip enjoys nothing more than good sci-fi and horror, be it on the big screen, TV or in a book. He also likes the bad stuff too. Skip also has a thing for faces and continuously likes to point out actors from one film to the next, much to the annoyance of Drew.

4 thoughts on “Naked Nathan Fillion [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

  1. OMFG! I think I’m in love! Nathan Fillion has got the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen! *Drools* – if only he was gay….. *sigh*

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