Rubber red band trailer

Hmmm… I honestly don’t know what to think of Rubber. On the one hand it looks about as cheesy and bad as something like Snakes on a Train, note the word “Train” (see this wonderful review). On the other, it could be comic genius.

Rubber is the story of Robert, an inanimate tire that has been abandoned in the desert, and suddenly and inexplicably comes to life. As Robert roams the bleak landscape, he discovers that he possesses terrifying telepathic powers that give him the ability to destroy anything he wishes without having to move. At first content to prey on small desert creatures and various discarded objects, his attention soon turns to humans, especially a beautiful and mysterious woman who crosses his path. Leaving a swath of destruction across the desert landscape, Robert becomes a chaotic force to be reckoned with, and truly a movie villain for the ages.

I wonder if they’ll make a sequel called Rubbers, much like Cameron’s Aliens to Scott’s Alien. Imagine a world where the telepathic tire Robert has been recycled into thousands of psychotic condoms, all with the same abilities. Hellbent on destroying the human race, Robert’s spawn kill us at our most vulnerable. Safe sex will no longer be, well… safe…

Release date is 1st April – now wondering how much of a piss take this actually is…

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