Stephen Dorff [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

Stephen Dorff has an impressive list of screen credits, chief among them New Line’s Blade (1998), in which he starred opposite Wesley Snipes and won the “Best Villain” at both the MTV Movie and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. He’s now won the coveted prize of being one of our hot sci-fi hunks.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Dorff [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]”

  1. One of the very first and first genre films Dorff did was the horror film THE GATE (1987), a Lovecraftian film disguised as a satanic movie. (The movie is a good film, in my opinion.)
    In that film, Dorff is a pudgy 14-year old boy. To then see him again at 25 in BLADE (1998), as a very attractive, well-built man was something of a shock.
    When I re-watched THE GATE after see BLADE, it was both fascinating intellectually and sexually very creepy to know that young teenager would grown up to be such a hunk.

    1. You know, I sometimes feel the same when watching some of these actors’ older films. Then I remember that some of these guys are actually around my own age and I don’t feel so bad. Stephen Doff was born in the same year as me and is older by a few months. I used to fancy the pants off of Sean Astin when he was in The Goonies, turns out he too is older 🙂

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