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Chris Meloni teaser for True Blood season 5

Chris Meloni is joining the fifth series of True Blood this summer and the vampire Roman. Meloni plays the extremely powerful and ancient vampire Roman, the guardian of the governing body for all vampires, the Vampire Authority. He’s also the mastermind behind the mainstreaming movement, which aimed to integrate vampires into human society.

HBO has also release some promotional posters featuring the tagline “everything is at stake”.

True Blood returns to FX UK this autumn, meaning we don’t have to wait too long after the US airings.

True Blood series 2 on DVD and Blu-ray

Welcome back to Bon Temps, home to mystery, Southern sensuality and dark secrets. For Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), life is more dangerous than ever after she and Bill (Stephen Moyer) become more deeply involved. Meanwhile, Tara (Rutina Wesley) finds herself under a lover’s spell; Sam (Sam Trammel) puts his trust in an unlikely ally; Jason (Ryan Kwanten) becomes involved with an anti-vampire sect; Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) becomes interested in Sookie after he recruits her to investigate the disappearance of his 2,000-year-old maker; and Maryann (Michelle Forbes) is revealed to possess a power that can control almost everyone in town. Then, after making a shocking discovery, Sookie, Bill and Sam must form the last line of defence against a diabolical plan that raises this award-winning series to bloody new heights.

Clothes fall to the floor almost as often as blood spatters the walls in this show that blends supernatural horror, sex, and mystery, with just a little bit of social commentary thrown in for good measure.

Special features
The DVD is packed with special features including cast and crew audio commentaries, several HBO.com specials, and The Vampire Report featurette. The Blu-ray contains even more bonus material including enhanced viewing, episodic previews and recaps and character perspectives.

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Episodes (12 x 1 Hour)

  1. Nothing but the blood
  2. Keep this party going
  3. Scratches
  4. Shake and fingerpop
  5. Never let me go
  6. Hard-hearted Hannah
  7. Release me
  8. Timebomb
  9. I will rise up
  10. New world in my view
  11. Frenzy
  12. Beyond here lies nothin’

Season two DVD special features

  • Audio Commentary Episode 2 w/ Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Michael Lehmann (director)
  • Audio Commentary Episode 7 w/ Michael Ruscio (director), Raelle Tucker (writer)
  • Audio Commentary Episode 8 w/ John Dahl (director), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) and Stephen Moyer (Bill)
  • Audio Commentary Episode 10 w/ Ryan Kwanten (Jason), Sam Trammell (Sam)
  • Audio Commentary Episode 11 w/ Dan Minahan (director), Alan Ball (writer), Rutina Wesley (Tara)
  • Audio Commentary Episode 12 w/ Michael Cuesta (director) and Alexander Woo (writer)
  • Audio Commentary Episode 12 w/ Michelle Forbes (Maryann) and Anna Paquin (Sookie)
  • The Vampire Report (30 mins approx)
  • HBO.com Piece: Who Needs Marriage
  • HBO.com Piece: Do You Want To Live Forever?
  • HBO.com Piece: Detoxify Your Life
  • HBO.com Piece: It’s Hip To Be Alive

Season two Blu-ray special features
As on the DVD plus:

  • Series Index (Menu Based)
  • Episodic Previews
  • Episodic Recaps
  • Enhanced Viewing: Character Perspectives PiP (Hoyt, Karl, Pam, Steve)
  • Enhanced Viewing: Flash Back / Flash Forward PiP
  • Enhanced Viewing: Pro / Anti Vampire Messaging (PNG)
  • Enhanced Viewing: Hints and FYIs (PNG)
  • Enhanced Viewing: Hints and FYIs (PNG)

Alexander Skarsgard [Hot Sci-Fi Hunk]

True Blood’s vampire Eric, Alexander Skarsgard, who is currently shooting the third season of the hit TV show says, “There’s a lot of nudity. As far as Eric goes, there’s going to be a lot violence and a lot of sex — with women and men! So it should be interesting.”

Interesting, I’ll say. Looks like season three will be featuring quite a bit of man on man loving if the rumours are true… but for now, this fine 6’4″ Stockholm born stud is one of our hot sci-fi hunks.