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Sci-fi shots: Bond, Predators, Terminators and Mummy sequels

Daily digest of some of the sci-fi and fantasy news that’s caught our eye including: Benedict Cumberbatch in Bond 24; Predators and Terminator sequels; coke-head Carrie Fisher (love her); and a new Mummy film.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the next Bond villain?

Bond producers are looking to lock down Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain in Bond 24.

Predators and Terminator sequels unlikely

First up: Predators. The 2010 Robert Rodriguez sequel starring Adrien Brody was a pretty darn good flick, and a return to form for a franchise that had gotten off the rails as of late.

According to Robert Rodriguez, director of the 2010 movie Predators, a recent shake-up at 20th Century Fox has likely derailed any chances for a seque anytime soon – “We were thinking about it. I don’t know, I’ll have to talk to them. They just had a regime change over there – we’ll see what happens.”

And Arnold Schwarzenegger recently told Empire, “I think (producer) Megan Ellison owns the rights to ‘Terminator 16,’ or whatever it is. They have been trying to put a script together but I’ve not seen it, so I’ve no idea. There’s nothing on the drawing board at this point. Nothing on the plan.”

So it looks like neither franchise will be making it back onto the big screen for some foreseeable time.

J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron to team up for new pilot

J.J. Abrams is set to produce a possible new show for NBC. Alfonso Cuaron, director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, will co-write and direct the pilot. The as yet untitled pilot is about a girl with special powers that will grow over seven years, and the man who is broken out of prison to protect her until then.

Carrie Fisher on cocaine while filming Star Wars

Carrie Fisher has been quite open about her drug past while working on the Star Wars trilogy. Circulating the web this week, is this fun fact – you can actually see evidence of it in The Return of the Jedi. Check out her first finger on co-star Harrison Ford’s shoulder.

In other interviews Carrie Fishers has given over the years, she recalls partaking in drug taking with members of the Star Wars cast on the Hoth set.

Len Wiseman to direct ‘The Mummy‘ remake for 2014

Producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jon Spaihts, with Universal are bringing The Mummy back to the big screen after the successful franchise starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz .

The trio have chosen Len Wiseman to direct the remake, and this time The Mummy will have a modern setting.

When I first heard Universal was relaunching this, that is the image that popped into my head, the period tale, the old monster, but when Bob and Alex pitched it, there was a great new take and approach, and a very different mummy as well. It’s a darker twist on the material, a scarier version.

Matt Smith to appear at MCM London

Matt Smith will be appearing at MCM Expo London Comic Con at ExCel on Friday 26 October. The Eleventh Doctor will be at the MCM theatre, chatting about all things Doctor Who and launching the new Doctor Who Series 7, Part 1 DVD (released 29th October). It will also be streamed online for any fans that can’t make it.

Weekend tickets cost £29 and include entry into Friday’s preview show which is when Matt Smith will be attending. For tickets and more info see www.londonexpo.com/faq/tickets/

Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) Ltd. Edition Film Cell [Blu-ray]

Star Wars on Blu-ray is available to pre-order now.

The limited edition Star Wars Sentiype™ contains a unique 35mm film frame reproduced from the original film footage using state-of-the-art imaging and printing techniques. The film frame is mounted and features original artwork from the Star Wars Blu-ray collection. Each senitype™ is numbered for authenticity.

The Senitype is only available to those that Pre-Order The Complete Saga on Blu-ray. One limited edition Star Wars Senitype™ will be sent to all persons that have already pre-ordered The Complete Saga on Blu-ray.
The Limited Edition Star Wars® Sentiype™ is available whilst stocks last

Review – Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

Seth Green and the Robot Chicken crew returns to the Star Wars Universe with Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III. Yet again they show their love for George Lucas’s creation while gently, and sometimes cruelly, poking at it with a double bladed lightsaber.

As always, the writers deliver on the laughs and there are plenty of in-jokes to keep the fans satisfied, while those new to Robot Chicken and Star Wars will also be entertained. The stop motion animation is simply superb and does show that a lot of effort and love has gone into each skit. Whereas the previous episodes’ running times were around the 35-40 minute mark, we’re given a real treat with episode III with over 40 comedy gems – a total of an hour’s viewing pleasure.

While RC fan favourites Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett get the best skits, there are a couple that I found truly hilarious and really do stand out.
Anakin Skywalker is encased into his life support suit and becomes the Vader we all know. After and funny disco scene, Vader realises he needs the bathroom. How does the Dark Lord of the Sith get out of his leather suit and use the toilet? What about the cape? Well Robot Chicken tackles the question that everybody has asked…
During a quiet moment in the summer palace, Padmé insists on having a chaste conversation, taken from the actual movie Attack of the Clones, while at the same time tormenting Anakin with her very suggestive behaviour…
The Emperor calls Jar Jar Binks to apologise for manipulating him in the Senate. We finally find out who truly manipulated who in a sketch that makes the Binks very, very cool…
And finally, featuring RC Stormtrooper Gary, we find out the about the last tragic few moments of Luke’s aunt Beru and uncle Owen…

We love the previous Robot Chicken Star Wars specials and we wholeheartedly recommended Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III is released on DVD on the 4th July 2011.

Not forgetting the ever-popular DVD extras, this edition is loaded with 3 hours of special features, including: For the Love of Toys Featurette — For the Love of Star Wars Featurette – For the Love of Filmmaking Featurette – Trailers – Skate tour – Sunday in the – Boardroom with George Lucas – SW Celebration Panels – Easter Eggs – Voice Records Featurette – Writing Process Featurette – VFX Featurette – Skywalker Ranch premiere – Deleted Animatics – Chicken Nuggets – Gag Reel — Commentaries.

Millions of years from now, after Socrates, Shakespeare and the bible are long forgotten, only two great works will remain: the sci-fi cinema epic Star Wars and Adult Swim’s stop-motion animated, cheap gag extravanganza Robot Chicken. And now, for the first time, they come together for the third time, in this all-new special.

That’s right, all your most beloved Star Wars characters are going back through the comedy meat grinder. Watch Darth Vader fall into a toilet, while Emperor Palpatine rides the endless Death Star escalator! See Gary the Stormtrooper’s speederbike test-drive come to a gruesome, Ewok-splattering end! And witness the firepower of Boba Fett’s fully armed and operational T-SHIRT CANNON! Plus much, much more! It’s Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III. Set your phasers to ”fun”! (Oh wait, wrong franchise.)