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Review – Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks

Thanks to Jammy Dodgers And Jelly Babies blogger Daniel for allowing us to reproduce his spoiler free review for Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks.

I totally passed him in complete ignorance yesterday (14th August 2012), I went back to try and get a look once my friend said he was there but I was ushered on by staff. How could I have missed Matt Smith?! I was at the premier of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who, Asylum Of The Daleks, and I had missed Matt Smith. The shame!

However, despite letting myself down somewhat, the new episode of our hallowed show did not. In fact it was one of the single best viewing experiences of my entire life, not only because it was on the big screen at the BFI in the heart of London; not only because we were all surrounded by the cast and crew and writers from Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Stephen Moffat, not only because other people from the shows history also surrounded us such as Nicola Byrant (who played Peri back during Colin Baker’s stint as the doctor). But also because the episode was packed full of huge surprises, surprises that not even a room full of middle aged men who live their lives on the forums had guessed! Once again Stephen Moffat has turned around to fans and said “I bet you didn’t see that coming.” We sure hadn’t!

Matt Smith was back to his brilliant self in this story which is probably the most original Dalek story since the show was brought back to our screens in 2005, and dare I say it, out of the entire classic series too! It is like nothing we have seen before; Stephen Moffat has really pulled this one out of the bag. I don’t even recall a classic series episode that quite attempted anything like this episode has. As promised, it features every single type of Dalek that has ever appeared into the show back from the 1960’s to present day; plus to the delight of fans, I can confirm there is a worth while explanation to the old-style Daleks showing up.

Not only is every Dalek ever in it, but the Moff-Meister has managed to do what many many writers have failed to do. He has brought the fear and tension back to the Daleks. Some moments are dark and vile, just a Dalek moment should be. It seems the show is starting to find the right balance with the Daleks, whereby the most dangerous warriors the universe has ever produced get defeated and apparently destroyed every time their show they pop up with a new sinister plan.

Matt Smith and Stephen Moffat

Some fan trivia for you now, Russel T Davies, former show runner and head writer’s Dalek which inhabits his hallway at his Manchester apartment, does actually appear in this episode as Stephen Moffat wanted it to become a canonized Dalek!

I urge all fans to avoid spoilers, and if you are unfortunate enough to encounter them, please do not share them with others. Some of the surprises concealed within this episode brilliantly highlight Moffat’s sheer genius and cunning. For your own enjoyments sake, do not spoil it for yourself!

It’s important to note just how far along Amy’s and Rory’s relationship has come from when we last saw them, without giving away too much as to how they’ve changed, I must say that both Karen’s and Arthur’s performances together were stunning and almost had me in tears. There are almost two separate stories within this episode, the one with the Daleks, and the one about the Pond’s relationship.

Writing a spoiler free preview is very hard, So a few teasers can’t hurt can they? One location will amaze you. One woman will leave you asking lots of questions, such as “where did you get the milk?”

Stephen Moffat gave away a few details about the up coming series (broken into two mini-seasons, of 5 episodes and 8 episodes a piece, including one at Christmas); so long to two partners, each week will be a brand new ‘blockbuster’ adventure, a weekly movie condensed into 45 minutes without the boring bits. Asylum of the Daleks definitely fulfilled this promise.

The whole episode is awash of brilliant humor, wit and tension with both shocking and humble moments. Alas, Stephen Moffat pleaded and has sworn us all to secrecy, so that is the most you’re getting out of me. Excited?! Well you should be, the episode will air on the 1st September on BBC One, and it will be an event not to be missed!

Oh, and remember: Rule 1, Stephen Moffat Lies!

Asylum Of The Daleks – Spoiler Free Preview via Jammy Dodgers And Jelly Babies

First Doctor Who series 7 promo image

The BBC has released the first promo image for series 7 of Doctor Who. Featuring a miffed looking Matt Smith as The Doctor, carrying an unconscious or maybe dead Amy Pond (Karen Gillan); it also features many of the Dalek incarnations staring from the 60s, right up to the new series.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this month with Asylum Of The Daleks.