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1 Live, One Dies teaser trailer

1 Live, One Dies is a story about releasing the ego upon making the physical death transition. Misfortune grips hold of an ambiguous relationship between Crafton and Tirique, over a misunderstanding. That’s what happens when people don’t communicate with one another, and instead, allows their trust and abandonment issues to get in the way of them both enjoying the great life intended.

The story behind the film: an inspiring Artist-Photographer by the name of Tirique, and Crafton a medium Tarot Card reader, both committed suicide at the same time, and are now in an “Otherworldly After-Life between moving on through to the next dimensional level and Earth. Before moving through the light into the next dimensional level, Tirique decides to return to his most recent Earthly incarnation to correct what he perceives as wrongs done to him by Crafton.

Not really succeeding in his attempt, and repeating the exact same actions over again, he commits suicide again, is now dead to the physical world once more, but doesn’t know it. Wandering around in a field he meets OGE, a powerful nemesis.

OGE knows that Tirique has returned forward in the “Otherworldly After-Life again, looking for Crafton, and will do everything in his power to entice Tirique with temptations, and convince him that all’s the same. OGE, is Tirique’s ego, and the ego is the last that he must surrender before he can make his transition.

It’s not long before Tirique conquers OGE, and then go in search of Crafton, which he doesn’t recognize once he sees him again. Crafton must help Tirique understand that he went back to his last incarnation to make wrongs, right. Tirique will have some difficulty believing this.

Metaphysics behind the film:
On a mundane Earthly level, Tirique abandons and separate himself from Crafton because he betrayed him.

On a spiritual level, Crafton is an archetype that represents the Inner Being/Spirit that Tirique distance himself from, only to fall prey to the demands of his ego.

The film will be going into production shortly, and if any one is interested in being part of the production you can contact filmmaker Terry Ti via the production’s website.

You can listen to an podcast interview with filmmaker Terry Ti discussing his project with Candy O’Donnell.

For more information visit the 1 Live, One Dies website detailing more about the film, and filmmaker’s bio: http://www.1liveonedies.com