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1 Live, One Dies teaser trailer

1 Live, One Dies is a story about releasing the ego upon making the physical death transition. Misfortune grips hold of an ambiguous relationship between Crafton and Tirique, over a misunderstanding. That’s what happens when people don’t communicate with one another, and instead, allows their trust and abandonment issues to get in the way of them both enjoying the great life intended.

The story behind the film: an inspiring Artist-Photographer by the name of Tirique, and Crafton a medium Tarot Card reader, both committed suicide at the same time, and are now in an “Otherworldly After-Life between moving on through to the next dimensional level and Earth. Before moving through the light into the next dimensional level, Tirique decides to return to his most recent Earthly incarnation to correct what he perceives as wrongs done to him by Crafton.

Not really succeeding in his attempt, and repeating the exact same actions over again, he commits suicide again, is now dead to the physical world once more, but doesn’t know it. Wandering around in a field he meets OGE, a powerful nemesis.

OGE knows that Tirique has returned forward in the “Otherworldly After-Life again, looking for Crafton, and will do everything in his power to entice Tirique with temptations, and convince him that all’s the same. OGE, is Tirique’s ego, and the ego is the last that he must surrender before he can make his transition.

It’s not long before Tirique conquers OGE, and then go in search of Crafton, which he doesn’t recognize once he sees him again. Crafton must help Tirique understand that he went back to his last incarnation to make wrongs, right. Tirique will have some difficulty believing this.

Metaphysics behind the film:
On a mundane Earthly level, Tirique abandons and separate himself from Crafton because he betrayed him.

On a spiritual level, Crafton is an archetype that represents the Inner Being/Spirit that Tirique distance himself from, only to fall prey to the demands of his ego.

The film will be going into production shortly, and if any one is interested in being part of the production you can contact filmmaker Terry Ti via the production’s website.

You can listen to an podcast interview with filmmaker Terry Ti discussing his project with Candy O’Donnell.

For more information visit the 1 Live, One Dies website detailing more about the film, and filmmaker’s bio: http://www.1liveonedies.com

The Watch clips

Well the bank holiday in the UK is the usual wet washout as always, so why not go out watch the new sci-fi comedy The Watch. Here’s a couple of clips to get you in the mood.

An outrageous comedy in which four everyday suburban guys (played by Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill & Richard Ayoade) come together to form a neighborhood watch group, but only as an excuse to escape their humdrum lives one night a week. But when they accidentally discover that their town has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary suburbanites, they have no choice but to save their neighbourhood — and the world — from total extermination.

The Watch is written by writing duo Seth Rogan & Evan Goldberg (Super Bad, Pineapple Express) produced by Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Date Night) and Tom McNulty (Date Night, The Rocker) and Executively Produced by Billy Rosenberg (Date Night, The Rocker).

Out today in the UK, The Watch stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, Rosemarie DeWitt, Will Forte, Mel Rodriguez and Doug Jones.

Fancy a brain burger..? The Walking Dead’s Gory Gourmet

Like zombies? Enjoy your food? Ever felt like dining like the undead? Well now you can with The Gory Gourmet , who are the first mobile gastronomers to offer a menu made up entirely of brains and offal.

Certain to cater to the tastes of customers both dead and alive who have a penchant for the innermost of body parts, The Gory Gourmet was created to celebrate next week’s release of zombie thriller series The Walking Dead Season 2, which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 27th August.

The delectable delicacies on offer will utilise meaty morsels that are all too often overlooked with a tantalising menu devised and developed by street food king, chef Mark Jankel. Formerly of Notting Hill Brasserie and now running the wildly successful mobile food company Street Kitchen, Mark will work his magic to freshly prepare the food on site.
The menu comprises three delicious brain dishes with some offally good sides, all using responsibly sourced British ingredients…

The Menu:

Big Brain Burger
Brain burger with smoked mustard mayo, lettuce and cheese in a sesame seed bun
Crispy Brain Dippers
Crispy chunks of brain with barbecue sauce
Brain Salad Wrap
Crispy chunks of brain with wild rocket and tarragon mayo
Feet and Thyroid Nuggets
Nuggets of pig’s feet and cow thyroid with herb mayo
Skewered Hearts
Grilled beef heart skewers with horseradish mayo

On Wednesday 22nd August, The Gory Gourmet will park up at world-renowned Camden Lock Market, just inside the entrance to Camden Lock Place, and will give away free servings of the dishes on offer to the lucky customers who are first in the lunchtime queue from 12.30pm.

On Thursday 23rd, it will move on to a Lower Marsh Market, Waterloo for another lunchtime serving up the dishes to hungry Londoners, again on a first-come-first served basis. Potential customers will be able to track the trailer’s progress by visiting facebook.com/TheWalkingDeadUK and will also be asked to check in to the Facebook Location: The Gory Gourmet – before redeeming their free meal.

Further locations will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

Mark Jankel said: “I can’t wait to bring this completely new offering to the public later this week…It’s a great opportunity to use some unusual British ingredients. After a heavy morning in the office our customers should have the appetite of the Walking Dead, lucky for us it means we should have some long queues!”

The second instalment of the post-apocalyptic, smash hit TV series, The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season follows police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as he continues to lead a group of survivors across the USA, in the midst of a zombie epidemic. Out on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 27th August, the critically acclaimed series is the perfect accompaniment to a brain burger.