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GSFN Show 29: Death racing, jiu jitsu sword fighting, sex crazed crack whore zombies called Colin – Hallelujah!

Drew and Skip return to the Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show having survived a night of zombie terrors at the Sci-Fi-London Oktoberfest 2008 at the Apollo West End, London. In this podcast your hosts talk about the country they live in, “The Great UCK” and try to explain how England, fits in with Great Britain and then the United Kingdom, which was shamefully researched using Wikipedia. We give Matt and Weegie over at the Big Gay Sex Show a shout and Skip says no to cock shots unless it’s for Jason Statham’s eyes.


After that Drew and Skip have another movie centric podcast for our listeners as we talk about the Oktoberfest. Drew prays for a good evening as Skip adds the Lordi movie Dark Floors to the evening’s entertainment schedule after no one attends the Flesh Mob or the zombie poetry fails to happen, meaning they have don’t have hang around for five hours before the start of the first zombie film. Skip get’s told off by Drew for playing with his iPhone and everyone settles down for a night of blood and gore as the UK independant film Colin kicks starts the first for four zombie films, followed by Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, Chanbara Beauty and Tokyo Zombie.

Sci-Fi-London Zombie All-Nighter

We have, what Drew and Skip hopes to be a regular feature, Justin’s GayMerica. Find out why Justin is pissed and how sci-fi helps him calm down. This is followed by the American National Anthem, sung in an unexpected way, which leads nicely onto a review of of the film Shortbus (it’s not sci-fi, but it features guys with big cocks). Drew and Skip finish off the podcast with a review of Paul W.S. Anderson’s re-envisioning of the 1970’s film Death Race 2000,  dropping the ‘2000’ and starring Jason Statham.

Lastly we have our competition thanks to the generousity of Play.com and Sci-Fi-London Oktoberfest 2008, where Drew and Skip managed to grab a couple of extra goodie bags as prizes. To enter, just visit http://gayscifinerds.co.uk/competition for you chance to win one of these two bags containing The Children of the Corn trilogy DVD box set, Scanners trilogy DVD box set, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars for PC and a Manga Anime DVD.

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Following newly turned zombie Colin, this film explores what it means to be a zombie and what drives them on, apart from the obvious craving of flesh. The film begins with his transformation and as you follow his journey it leads you to it’s tragic end and beginning.

Dark Floors

Well Drew and I just seen Lordi’s Dark Floors and we were really surprised at how good a horror film the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest winners of 2007 put together. With shades of Silent Hill, this disturbing horror film set within the confines of a hospital sees the characters from Lordi terrorising a group of people trying to escape, while trying to understand the connection between the monsters and a little girl.

Not a cheesey rock power ballad in ear shot!

And the goody bag is excellent. We’ve got the Scanners trilogy box set and also The Children of the Corn trilogy too, along with a couple of other goodies. Roll on the zombie all-nighter.

Sci-Fi-London The Oktoberfest 2008

Drew and I will be attending the London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film mid year event – or OKTOBERFEST as they like to call it. The one night only event on Friday 3rd October has a number of films still waiting to be announced but the organisers have release details of three all night themed screenings.

Sci-Fi-London Zombie All-Nighter

It would not be SCI-FI-LONDON without our notorious ANIMÉ ALLNIGHTER and at our first Oktoberfest we have a great line-up coming together including STRAIT JACKET, HELLSING ULTIMATE and the UK Premiere of DEAD SPACE:DOWNFALL – a Film Roman/Starz collaboration.

The first ever ZOMBIE ALL-NIGHTER will feature four very different takes on this much-loved sub-genre. If you are ‘friend of the undead’ then it is a must

We present a NIGHT OF SERIOUSLY FUNNY SHIT – movies that have been MST3Kd or Riffd back to back. Book early as this event sells out quick.

We’ll be going to the zombie all-nighter which features Colin, Chanbara Beauty, Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! and Tokyo Zombie. The night kicks off at 7pm with a FleshMob call followed by a Zombie Poetry Competition final, then at 11.30pm we have the four movies which should pretty much take us to breakfast time Saturday morning.

The zombie all-nighter was down to 47 tickets on Monday evening so if that’s the one you want to attend you’d better book now. Tickets are only £25 for any one all-nighter and can be purchased in person at the Apollo West End Cinema or by phone via their box office on 020 7451 9944.

Also, check our trailers page for the Sci-Fi-London: Oktoberfest features.

Sci-Fi-London: Oktoberfest