Terry Pratchett’s Troll Bridge

Snowgum Films are looking to bring Terry Pratchett’s short story Troll Bridge to life and needs your need. The crew at is asking people to donate to help complete their film. Even Sir Terry Pratchett has given it his blessing.

All the details on how to help is after their Kickstarter video below.

The most epic-est short film ever
Troll Bridge is an epic short film based on a fable written by Terry Pratchett.  Set in the phenomenally successful Discworld series, Troll Bridge is about the world’s last Barbarian hero (now at the age of 87) embarking on a suicide mission to battle a bridge troll in mortal combat.

Troll Bridge aims to be the largest scale short film in history.  Using resources garnered over eight solid years of dedication, love, sweat, and tears – Troll Bridge has already begun exceeding expectations as to what should be anticipated from a short form production.  With the scale of Lord of the Rings, the absurdity of Monty Python, and the intimacy of Into The Wild – Troll Bridge relishes the opportunity to present the Disc in all the grandeur and depth of character she deserves.

The adaptation
To boost the quota of epic-ness in Troll Bridge, a short prologue scene was written (which Terry Pratchett contributed some dialogue for) has already been shot.  This prologue introduces Cohen in his prime, as a young man battling several armies at once.  This scene was built to counter balance and strengthen the intimacy of the later scenes with Cohen, empowering the viewers to appreciate and relate to the challenges of age that Cohen now finds himself in.  For all intents and purposes – Cohen’s journey to Death Bridge in which the troll resides, heralds the expectation that it will his last.  To adequately depict Cohen at the end of adventure – it’s important to show him at the beginning.

A teaser trailer for this portion of the film is now online.  While it doesn’t reveal the direction we want to take the remainder of the film (we haven’t shot it yet!) – it does adequately communicate the scale and quality we wish to continue shooting in.

That’s what this funding drive is all about!

The budget
Let’s be clear about this, not a single cent of this funding drive is to be spent on wages.  Every dollar that goes into it – you will see on screen.  The entire process; from direction to catering to art design and costuming to acting and armoring – is all being done on a volunteer basis.  The entire cast and crew (although all professionals in their field) are in this project for the passion of it.

That means we’re spending $45,000 on building the bridge set, warehouse hire for the set, equipment hire, bigiature construction, costuming materials, make-up and so on and so forth.  If we exceed this limit (and we certainly hope we do), we’ll be spending that additional money on better equipment, better materials, and better locations.  Not a single cent will be wasted – it’s vitally important to us that we do justice to Terry Pratchett’s work.

Promoting the project
If you are part of a community, or have an active social media profile, please take the time to let your members, audience, or friends and family know about this project.  Word of mouth is our best way of raising awareness of this film – and in that regard your help is invaluable!  Please let people know about this page.

Also take the time to fan us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to us on YouTube.  Keep up to date with the project’s status and evolution.  We’re very active on all three media platforms, and if you have any questions or comments – we’d love to hear from you!

You can also email us directly at info@snowgumfilms.com.

What else?
For more stills, photos, media coverage and more, please visit the official Troll Bridge website here.

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