HSFN Show 08: Gay Away

Looking as attractive as ever with his long flowing mane and beady eyes, Ross Noble

It’s the heteroscifinerds podcast number 8 – al’wight!

This podcast is brought to you by our new sponsors at Gay Away and as such this is a very hetro show, presented by Butch Bloke and Guy Manly. With this in mind, in this week’s show, we’ll be talking a lot of shit, both physically and metaphorically.

We continue our countdown of the SFX Collections top 20 sci-fi shows that shaped TV coming in at number 17, talk about what we got up to since the last show and why it’s taken so long to get this one out.

We’ll also be discussing theatre and comedy and also how Butch/Skip got shock when the guys at the MoPod Show managed to get his mobile phone number and call him from the US of A. And also Guy’s/Drew’s run in with a Z list celebrity in the heart of Soho London.

We’ve got some news on, Lost and a whole bunch of movies that are slated – I mean coming out – I mean due for production.

Show links:

  • Wicked the musical – WICKED A New Broadway Musical. The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz. So much happened before Dorothy dropped in.
  • How to Look Good Naked – Meet Gok Wan, stylist to the stars, the man with the magical know-how.
  • The MoPod Show – The mopod show is there to offer you an entertaining look at the gay community. Probably the funniest podcast out there.
  • Ross Noble – Includes live dates, biography and press information about this North Eastern comedian.