GSFN Show 11: Rocky Horror Picture Show Special

We’re back! From outer space! Yadda, yadda, yadda! Actually, since the seasonal fistivties, Skip finally manages to get Drew to a local cinema to see Pan’s Labyrinth. Your hosts get upset with another certain gay podcast show. We go on holiday to one of Europe’s gayest meccas – Gran Canaria and that delightful concrete village, the Yumbo Centre.

Drew get’s a lot of pressies as he celebrates his 21st birthday (for the twentieth something time) in Rehab to his new Amy Winehouse CD and Skip treats him to a theatre show at the Princess Theatre in Torquay – The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Show links:

  • Pan’s Labyrinth – The official movie website.
  • The MoPod Show – The mopod show is there to offer you an entertaining look at the gay community. And to take the piss out of Gay Sci-fi Nerds – just kidding!
  • Amy Winehouse – Official site – with biography, news, photos, audio and video clips.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Official Fan Site.