GSFN Show 23: Jerking Endings

A tearful Daniel Craig shudders at the thought of a new ball busting scene with Skip and Drew

Once Skip and Drew remember who they actually are, they kick start the show based on the “10 most depressing movie endings ever” article on the Den of Geek website.

This gets your hosts thinking about the films they consider “depressing” and with “tear jerking endings”, though this doesn’t include Brokeback Mountain which is just a pile of steaming dog poo.

Drew explains the Occident and the Orient, though he confuses himself with Borealis and Australis, which isn’t surprising as the magnetic poles are due to switch.

Skip’s fantasy about Indiana Jones becomes more real when he spots a tub of Crisco falling out of a fridge in a scene from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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