GSFN Show 24: The Morphy Mafia

Skip and Drew are big on films in this podcast as they discuss (with some spoilers) Neil Marshall’s Doomsday, the remake of The Andromeda Strain, the fourth Indy movie – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crisco Skull (Harrison Ford, Ray Winstone and a tub of Crisco, Skip’s ultimate fantasy), the comedy parody of 300 – Meet the Spartans (more fake abs), and finally the high adrenaline action flick Wanted, starring James McAvoy (one for Drew) and Angelina Jolie.

Along side this they remark on the highs and shitty lows of Malcolm MacDowell’s career in such film like A Clockwork Orange, Caligula and Tank Girl. Timeline, Westworld, The Six Million Dollar Man and Bladerunner also get a mention along with the end of the fourth series of Doctor Who.

Skip gets into baking bread (not a euphemism for rimming, like tossing the salad ) with his new Morphy Richards bread maker. Drew explains why South Africans find that brand name rather humorous. Find out what happened to Drew at the Cineplex as he and Skip tried to watch Wanted with a psychotic pimple tits sat in the row behind.

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