GSFN Show 30: Gay Sci-Fi Nerds, the musical

In our most musically themed show yet, Drew kicks starts the podcast with a big opening theme tune in which, like Dennis Waterman, he wrote the feem toon and sang the feem toon. Skip talks about yet another all-night horror movie film fest in London, this time spending eleven hours watching all five films from the Saw franchise at the BFI IMAX. Did Drew go, not a chance in hell, stating he’d rather chop his own foot off then subject himself to that shite. Drew and Skip also take the opportunity to talk about a couple of dishes from their favourite Chinese restaurant in China Town, Won Kei, and namely which dishes to avoid.

Drew and Skip go on to talk about their latest trip to London to attend a charity concert by the Philharmonia Orchestra, in aid of poor and desperate actors, performing the works of Barry Gray. Best know for his collaborations with Gerry Anderson and celebrating the Centenary of Barry Gray’s birth, he’s best know for composing the music for Thunderbirds, Stingray, Joe 90 and Space 1999.

Philharmonia Orchestra

Included are live recordings taken on the evening of the concert as your hosts head to the South Bank and Festival Hall. Skip get unnerved at pulling out his equipment in a bad part of town and Drew interviews a couple of people attending the concert, including a band know as The Adventures of Parsley.

The Adventures of Parsley

Quantum of Solace gets a review as Drew and Skip compare and contrast their thoughts on the latest Daniel Craig Bond movie and a finally, Skip and Drew save the last until the end as they announce the winners of the Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show Competition. To find out if you’re one of our two winners, check out the podcast or the video (appearing soon)…

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