GSFN Show 34: Rebooted and Suited

Drew finally tracks down some of our 11 gay Texan GSFN fans

Much like the latest Star Trek movie, the Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show gets rebooted for 2009 as we discuss two recent summer blockbusters released this year.

First Skip and Drew tackle some listener’s feedback. Drew responds to Dakota, stating why he doesn’t like Space 1999’s shape shifting alien, Maya. Skip tries to defend British sci-fi from from Erik in Dallas, Texas. Skip also owns up to why it’s taken this long to get this podcast show back up and running and we ask for gay Doctor Who fans to take part in research for a book being complied by The Science Fiction Foundation.

Skip and Drew also issue our listener’s with a challenge following the discovery of the website, where guys with iPhones send in semi and fully nude photos of themselves taken with their iPhones. Though some do look like they’ve posed in front of a proper camera phone holding onto nothing more than their iPhone and modesty (or not as the case maybe).

This is how Drew imagines Erik from Dallas, Texas looks while he's listening to the Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show

This got Skip and Drew thinking, why not do the same, but called gayswithiphones!? Maybe geekswithiphones!? So if you happen to own an iPhone and fancy sending Skip and Drew photos of yourself holding onto your precious hardware, we’ll post it onto the website. You can be fully clothed, naked or somewhere in between, blur your face, however you want, just have your iPhone in the shot.

Skip discusses his thoughts on Hugh Jackman’s X-Men spin-off movie, Wolverine. Drew declined watching the very fine, and at one point nude Mr Jackman on the big screen. MMMM! Hugh Jackman’s buns on the big screen…

The stormy clouds don't seem to have diminished the dress sense of these three Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show listeners

Tying in with Drew’s excellent interview with Star Trek original cast member George Takei, Skip and Drew both go on to talk about J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek with the latest movie. Taking it back to where it all began with a cocky young James Tiberius Kirk and Spock, J.J. Abrams has had fans all over the world gushing their juices over a brilliant and brave new direction for the much loved franchise. What do Skip and Drew think..? Well you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!