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the nerd out of the GSFN partnership. Skip enjoys nothing more than good sci-fi and horror, be it on the big screen, TV or in a book. He also likes the bad stuff too. Skip also has a thing for faces and continuously likes to point out actors from one film to the next, much to the annoyance of Drew.

GSFN Show 06: Star Trek 40th Anniversary Special

In this episode we have the usual irreverent chat, some news for the week. We say happy 40th anniversary to Star Trek and we also continue our with our thoughts on the SFX Collection’s 20 shows that shaped sci-fi coming in at number 19.

With Star Trek celebrating its 40th anniversary we thought we’d share our memories with you and look at some key moments in it’s epic televisual history as TV channels across America and over here show countless repeats and specials.

We also start our new podcast feature… The Wanker of the Week!

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GSFN Show 05: The Hoffmeister

Welcome to the second GSFN show, one that is hopefully an improvement on last week’s.

Find out how our week has been, our selected GSFNews and the start of our thoughts on a published list of top 20 influential Sci-fi TV shows, starting at number 20 with Knight Rider.

Show links:

  • WoW Gay Bar – World of Warcraft visit to a gay bar
  • The MoPod Show – The mopod show is there to offer you an entertaining look at the gay community. Probably the funniest podcast out there.

Episode IV: A New Show

Welcome to the first GSFN podcast. In this show we’re going to pay a bit of a homage to Star Wars, so if George Lucas can start a successful franchise on episode IV, so can we.

There’s also plenty of sci-fi news including the discovery of the fabled Fountain of Youth and sadly some cancelled shows. These along with what we thought of Snakes on a Plane when we saw it this week.

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