GSFN Show 07: The Prancing Punani

This week we continue our countdown of the SFX Collections top 20 sci-fi shows that shaped TV with the first British entry in at number 18, talk about what we got up to since the last show and also have this week’s wanker of the week.

We’ve got some news on World of Warcraft, Star Trek, Lost and a whole bunch of movies that are slated for production (find out why Drew hates the word “slated” when used in that context).

Show links:

  • Death to Hollywood – Website for the fan based Lord of the Rings film trilogy Bored of the Rings.
  • PodShow Podsafe Music Network – Music provided tonight from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at ‘’.
  • Tim Story’s Blog – Director of the sequel to the Fantastic Four Film, Rise of the Silver Surfer personal blog.