GSFN Show 14: 2ct Diamond Geezers

Your two diamond geezers defend their nerdiness as they missed some news, exclusively (maybe) plug a new gay sci-fi film and continue to deliver irreverent chat, the latest sci-fi news, wanker of the week. We also have the latest releases for Cinema, DVD and Games.

GSFNews includes breasts, namely Carrie Fisher’s, Dolly Parton’s and why Dolly should be in the new Star Trek. We’ve also got George Takei threatening to truly come out of the closet (you have to hear it). Diamond geezers Ray Winstone and Mick Egan and yet again, Drew finds himself drawn to Daniel Craig’s testi-clay.

Music is provided for the second time by Boxed Octopus with “Science Boy”.

Show links:

  • Star Trek: New Voyages – New voyages like you’ve never seen before.
  • Socket – Socket – a dark and sexual sci-fi/horror story about survivors of lightning strikes.
  • George Takei – Jimmy Kimmel presents George Takei on Tim Hardaway’s homophobic rant.
  • Diamond Geezer – Family remembers ‘diamond geezer’ – BBC News story.
  • PodShow Podsafe Music Network – Music provided tonight from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at ‘’
  • Boxed Octopus – Artist page on the Podsafe Music Network.