GSFN Show 15: 300 Sweet Spartans

King Leoniades enjoying King Xerxes shoulder massage

Skip and Drew lust over 6 million abs as they discuss 300, 300 of the finest Spartan men to ever grace the big screen. Also your hosts continue to deliver irreverent chat, the latest sci-fi news, wanker of the week and some of the latest releases for Cinema, DVD and Games.

GSFNews includes the proposed new Flash Gordon series, Halle Berry’s online chat shenanigans, Scotty beaming into space, camp car K.I.T.T.’s sale, Indy 4 and Alan Cumming’s new film Suffering Man’s Charity.

Music is provided yet again by Boxed Octopus with “The Day Godzilla Came to Town”.

We also would like to add that our thoughts are with the families of those involved with the shooting at Virginia Tech, which occured on the day we produced this show.

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