GSFN Show 31: iMAXimum Payne

Skip and Drew kick start the show congratulating our competition winners Jayna and Marc who were both very happy to have received their package from the DHL delivery man.

First GSFNews starts with the announcement of a departure from the Twilight franchise. Batman news includes the money making, Oscar awards push of the re-release of The Dark Knight. Are we being cynical in thinking any excuse to award Heath Ledger an award? Speaking of which, Heath Ledger receives a post-houmous (mmmm! caramelised onion houmous) award from the Australian Film Institute for playing The Joker. And in more Batman related death news, Bruce Wayne/Batman is killed off in the latest issue of the comic series.

Not one, but two of Europe’s first digital IMAX cinemas have open in London, one in Wimbledon and the other in Greenwich. There’s a planned remake of the BBC series The Day of the Triffids. Set in London, the titular plants escape captivity and begin to rapidly breed and attack a blinded population having lost their sight after a meteor shower.

Drew and Skip review Max Payne and Quarantine and have a disagreement over which one is the better film. Drew favours Max Payne’s valiant attempt to bring the limited storyline from the game onto the big screen, with dazzling visuals and effects. Skip prefers the claustrophobic Quarantine, set inside a single location where a journalist and her camera man record a set of terrifying circumstances as they’re locked in a building with a viral outbreak.

The question dear listener is, who do you agree with? Leave your comments on the site.

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2 thoughts on “GSFN Show 31: iMAXimum Payne”

  1. Hey guys, hope your having a happy holiday season so far!

    Anyway saw Max Payne and just the other evening got a chance to sit down and watch Quarantine. Max Payne pretty much bombed here in the US, but I actually sort of liked it right up until the end where they do the single camera video game sequence. I think it’s a little insulting to the audience, I mean most fans who went to see it already knew it was videogame you don’t need too placate us by doing the whole first-person shooter camera shot. Same goes for the Doom movie that really burns me up… give me a good story some decent action and it doesn’t matter if it’s a computer game or not.

    Quarantine, made me want to vomit.. and I am not just talking about the camera work 🙁 (Sorry Skip).

  2. I quite liked the FPS scene in Doom and compared to Max Payne it was executed really well.

    I didn’t like the bit in Max Payne where Mark Wahlberg jumps backwards with his shotgun and shoots the guy in the balcony behind him. Very piss poor scene.

    As for Quarantine, I love scary movies and this one certainly fit the bill when I went to see it at the cinema. It kept me tense, anxious and had my heart thumping away in my chest, but if it’s not you’re cup I can understand why you didn’t like it.

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