GSFN Show 32: The Christmas episode (reloaded)

IT’S CHRISTMAS – again!!!! The first version of this podcast was a little rushed, hopefully this will sound better.

Seeing how life this time of year is dedicated to that special time, Drew and Skip are celebrating that religion known as the Christmas TV schedule.

We’re talking TV series in this show, namely Sanctuary, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe. Skip reveals why he’s a fan of Amanda Tapping’s Sanctuary and also the abnormal werewolf geek, Henry Foss as played by Ryan Robbins – pierced belly button, nipples and all. Drew get’s bugged out by ginger Scottish Terminator actress Shirley Manson’s bug eyes, while he and Skip agree that the series is getting better ow that John Connor is rid of his hair straightners. Fringe is also becoming a favourite as Walter Bishop’s endearing character says more and more bizarre things and offer up a couple of classic quotes.

Todd the Wraith's Christmas message

We have a special Christmas GayMerica as Justin gives advice on what to get a Gay Sci-Fi Nerd for Christmas (or for any special occasion) with a shameless plug for a certain website…

GSFNews includes the death of the First Lady of Star Trek, Doctor Who and his back injury, record sales for the latest Harry Potter book and Robert Carlyle joins the Stargate Universe. A new musical journey for Star Wars and Skip finds the perfect gift for the sci-fi, cheeseburger munching nerd.

And finally we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our listeners happy holidays and a fabulous New Year.

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One thought on “GSFN Show 32: The Christmas episode (reloaded)”

  1. Another great show guys.. I was in stitches most of the time.

    LOL and I don’t have a “drawl” LOL it’s just a mixup of New Jersey/New York accent.. I can’t help it. People used to tell me I sound like I have a southern accent, but I have no idea why cause I don’t spend any time at all in the southern part of the US.

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