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GSFN Show 34: Rebooted and Suited

Drew finally tracks down some of our 11 gay Texan GSFN fans

Much like the latest Star Trek movie, the Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show gets rebooted for 2009 as we discuss two recent summer blockbusters released this year.

First Skip and Drew tackle some listener’s feedback. Drew responds to Dakota, stating why he doesn’t like Space 1999’s shape shifting alien, Maya. Skip tries to defend British sci-fi from from Erik in Dallas, Texas. Skip also owns up to why it’s taken this long to get this podcast show back up and running and we ask for gay Doctor Who fans to take part in research for a book being complied by The Science Fiction Foundation.

Skip and Drew also issue our listener’s with a challenge following the discovery of the website, where guys with iPhones send in semi and fully nude photos of themselves taken with their iPhones. Though some do look like they’ve posed in front of a proper camera phone holding onto nothing more than their iPhone and modesty (or not as the case maybe).

This is how Drew imagines Erik from Dallas, Texas looks while he's listening to the Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show

This got Skip and Drew thinking, why not do the same, but called gayswithiphones!? Maybe geekswithiphones!? So if you happen to own an iPhone and fancy sending Skip and Drew photos of yourself holding onto your precious hardware, we’ll post it onto the website. You can be fully clothed, naked or somewhere in between, blur your face, however you want, just have your iPhone in the shot.

Skip discusses his thoughts on Hugh Jackman’s X-Men spin-off movie, Wolverine. Drew declined watching the very fine, and at one point nude Mr Jackman on the big screen. MMMM! Hugh Jackman’s buns on the big screen…

The stormy clouds don't seem to have diminished the dress sense of these three Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Podcast Show listeners

Tying in with Drew’s excellent interview with Star Trek original cast member George Takei, Skip and Drew both go on to talk about J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek with the latest movie. Taking it back to where it all began with a cocky young James Tiberius Kirk and Spock, J.J. Abrams has had fans all over the world gushing their juices over a brilliant and brave new direction for the much loved franchise. What do Skip and Drew think..? Well you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!

3 thoughts on “GSFN Show 34: Rebooted and Suited”

  1. Primeval isn’t shit… its great 😀 even my maternal unit and younger brother likes it and thats saying a lot for people who usually reject Sci-Fi completely 😀

    Boo to that one comment 😛

    1. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you there. I tried so hard to stick with Primeval, but it, much like Demons was ITV’s way of trying to cash in on the popularity of Doctor Who and Torchwood. It failed… Miserably!

      However, each to their own and I myself have watch a lot of shite – (Flash Gordon on the SCI FI Channel to name one).

  2. Skip and Drew,

    Loved the latest episode. I’ve missed you guys. I’m glad you’re back!

    I wanted to comment on the thing that bothered you about “Star Trek Babies” (GOD that’s a great name for the new franchise) You seemed to be really bugged about the whole time-travel to the rescue part of the plot. I wanted to point out that Time Travel and paradox were the subject of several Star Trek original series episodes.

    The first one that I remember is the episode “Tomorrow is Yesterday” where the enterprise slingshots around a sun and appears in (then) present time Earth. Spock plays a fairly strong role in this one as time-nanny, first arguing that they needed to keep Captain Christopher with the Enterprise so that his knowledge of the future could not pollute the timeline; then arguing that they MUST return him because his yet-to-be-conceived son plays an important role in history.

    The second episode that I remember (and is definitely my favorite) was “The City on the Edge of Forever”. Harlan Ellison wrote this sophisticated look at timeline projection where the crew could not prevent the tragic death of Edith Keller, the salvation army woman Kirk fell in love with, because her survival and pacifist activism would have delayed the entry of the US to WWII, with catastrophic effects on the timeline.

    In both these episodes, Spock is central to understanding the dangers of playing with the time-stream. I think Abrams and his staff did a great job of being true to the original philosophies of time-stream conservation. In the case of Nero’s interfearance, there was no way to salvage the original timeline. What better figure than Spock to be the ironic center of the destruction of his own time-stream.

    From a purely pragmatic point of view, the major changes to the galactical-political balance will allow a completely new time-stream that can contradict the previous franchises in any way necessary to do good story development, explaining the deviations as results of the Nero incident.

    I am hoping they decide to start a new series similar to the original where there isn’t an overarching serial episodic structure, so that the producers would be free to collaborate with guest authors, like Roddenberry did on his watch. I’d love to see what Vernor Vinge, Greg Bear and their ilk could do with our beloved characters.

    Well, I’ve rambled on. Hope to hear more from you guys soon!

    Mark from MN.

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