GSFN Show 21: Red Hot Poker

Drew, with Skip finally recovering his sense of humour discuss the films they have seen since the last show was recorded in July 2007. Most of them you’ll have already seen, but that doesn’t stop your hosts from having a good old bitch!

We find out what the top movie weapon as voted for in a poll of 2,000 film buffs and we also discuss what was been predicted as the 50 biggest movies of 2008 according to the Times Online. Surprisingly just under half features sci-fi/cult genre films with the top five dominating the list.

We also end the show on a sombre note as we lose two big entertainment stars.

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GSFN Show 20: The La Georgina Experience

Upon whom do you gaze young Padawan?

Recorded live in the Summer of 2007 before Skip lost his sense of humour along with his gall bladder.

Coming from the gay streets of Soho London (well the only gay street in the village, Old Compton Street) and County Hall, Skip and Drew venture to the big city to see the Holy Grail that is The La Georgina Experience aka the Star Wars Exhibition.

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GSFN Show 19: A Dog’s Dinner

Skip and Drew review the second TLA Releasing movie, Hellbent which is currently up for grabs in the GSFN competition. Was this a slasher movie worthy of Drew’s attention or did he hate it along with most of the other teen slasher flicks he so despises? In addition to giving away a copy of Hellbent, Lee at TLA Releasing UK is also offering a copy of Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. For a chance to win Hellbent or Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds check the competition page.

GSFNews includes Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Doctor Who’s new companion, Heroes World Tour, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, including David Hewlett’s (Stargate Atlantis’ Dr Rodme McKay) directorial debut with “A Dog’s Breakfast” and more.

Music is provided by Paper or Plastic with “Gay Bar”.

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GSFN Show 18: Chowing Down 2, Runny Thirds

Unusually for this podcast show, it’s not brought to you 28 Days Later but sooner as Skip and Drew review not one, not two, not even three but four movies. Expect to hear their thoughts on 28 Weeks Later the sequel to Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Last and most excitingly for your hosts, Lee at TLA Releasing UK sent sent Skip and Drew three DVD’s to review, the first being Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.

Also TLA Releasing UK in conjunction with Gay Sci-Fi Nerds are giving away a copy of HELLBENT (The first ever Gay Slasher film) in Skip and Drew’s first ever competition!

GSFNews includes Battlestar Galactica series ending, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the rumoured end of Martha Jones and Doctor Who. The return of The 4400 and Jericho and yet another 80’s animated series to be turned into a movie franchise.

Joining our regular Wanker of the Week is our first Arsehole of the Week.

Music is provided by Monkeyshine with “Brown Finger Blues”.

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GSFN Show 17: The Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Star Wars 30th Anniversary Holiday Special

Skip and Drew celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary with their Gay Sci-Fi Nerds Bank Holiday Special.

With more than 30 facts and figures Skip and Drew discuss the real relationship between C-3PO and R2-D2, the original actor who was lined up to play Han Solo, Darth Vader’s child friendly alter ego The Green Cross Code Man and how La Georgina’s vision revolutionised SpecialFX in cinema.

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GSFN Show 16: The Reviewers

Skip and Drew discuss the merits of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, Skip remembers his lost youth with Transformers: The Animated Movie and also find out what your hosts thought of Spider-man 3. Skip and Drew are surprised to be contacted by some media companies interested in putting reviews and competitions on the show (keep tuned in as we’re launching one soon with a DVD movie give-away).

Your hosts also continue to deliver irreverent chat, the latest sci-fi news, Drew’s wanker of the week and some of the latest releases for Cinema, DVD and Games.

GSFNews includes Doctor Who’s Welsh Bafta awards, the greatest 18-certificate movie moment, a new X-Men spin-off and some more Spider-man 3 related news.

Music is provided by Stuckey & Murray with “Taking a Dump at Work”.

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GSFN Show 15: 300 Sweet Spartans

King Leoniades enjoying King Xerxes shoulder massage

Skip and Drew lust over 6 million abs as they discuss 300, 300 of the finest Spartan men to ever grace the big screen. Also your hosts continue to deliver irreverent chat, the latest sci-fi news, wanker of the week and some of the latest releases for Cinema, DVD and Games.

GSFNews includes the proposed new Flash Gordon series, Halle Berry’s online chat shenanigans, Scotty beaming into space, camp car K.I.T.T.’s sale, Indy 4 and Alan Cumming’s new film Suffering Man’s Charity.

Music is provided yet again by Boxed Octopus with “The Day Godzilla Came to Town”.

We also would like to add that our thoughts are with the families of those involved with the shooting at Virginia Tech, which occured on the day we produced this show.

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